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All Service Drain has served residents and business owners in the greater St Louis, MO. area for more than 20 years. Experienced with residential and commercial drain cleaning, we are the professionals to call when you have a drainage problem. Call and talk to us. We'll be right there.


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  Drains Starting At $100 Call Now For Upfront Pricing

     $100         DRAIN SERVICE

Many people assume that a drain cleaning is time consuming and very expensive. While this is a very common misconception, you can be sure you will save time and money by contacting All Service Drain.

We have affordable drain technicians who are always willing to help you get a fair deal on the services you need the most. We promise to get you the results you want. Call our team and we can send over drain cleaning professionals.

                          Getting attacked by tree roots?

Need tree root removal services in St Louis and surrounding areas ?

 All Service Drain specializes in tree root removal! We can get rid of those pesky tree roots. A lot of homeowners and businesses in St Louis, Mo don't know that clogged or blocked drains can be caused by tree roots encroaching on drain pipes. Tree roots can damage septic tanks and drain fields too. Waste water is rich in plant nutrients such as phosphorus and that acts as a magnet to tree and shrub roots. Clogged drain pipes, leaking, or even cracked septic tanks due to tree roots is fairly common and no doubt causes a headache for property owners.

St Louis City & County, St Charles and Jefferson County

Sewer's From The Roof

Not every house has a basement with a main drain clean-out or main drain clean-out in front or outback of the house in a case when there is no main drain clean-out we use Eel cable from the 3" or 4" vent on the roof depending how long of a sewer line you have we offer up front pricing call us 1st. 

                                             (314) 409-7425 

Home remedies and harsh chemicals don't work !!!!!

Be careful what you put down your drains some over the counter liquid solutions can be very harmful to one's health. Save time and money just call or text 

                                                      All Service Drain


 Choosing The Right Professional For The Job

It is critical to find a qualified and expert plumbing professional to take care of your drainpipes. The experts at All Service Drain have all the know-how and experience to quickly and efficiently eliminate the blockage from your drains and ensure that the problem does not come back. We strive to make every customer experience a positive one so that you will tell your friends about the great service you received.

                                   Hydro jetting

Sometimes sewer cabling just won't get rid of grease and build up in the drain lines. When this occurs Hydro Jetting may be a better option. Using high pressure water to scour the interior of the drains.  All Service Drain offers hydro jetting for piping up to 3 inch.

                                         When Is Hydrojetting Required?

Grease and fat from your food that gets sent down the drain can cause super-clogs over time. An accumulation of sticky goo along the inside of your drain pipes traps hair and other solids, restricting the flow of wastewater; eventually leading to a complete blockage. Such clogs are often impervious to store-bought drain cleaning products and require a professional.

Certainly, not all clogs necessitate hydrojetting. The determination of the best solution to address your particular clog is best left up to the experts at All Service Drain. Once we arrive at your home or business, our service technician will determine the exact nature of the blockage. 

Downspouts need maintance.

Cleaning downspouts yearly can help protect the function on the roof drainage system. Call us now. We can take care of any downspouts